Monday, June 21, 2010


It's becoming harder and harder to choose the best pictures, they are all so darn cute and adorable!
1)Happy family
2)Kaio and Josie... just ADORABLE!!!
3)Lady in Red
4)Blond and blue eyed (and georgeous)baby!
5)First couple of bites of food (Kaio is attentively watching)
6)GOOOOOOL do Brazil (Brazil 3 X 1 Ivory Coast)
7)Kaio with Oma on the boat
8)Kaio with Titio
9)Kaio and a "Vinny"
10)Kaio helping with Josefine's bath!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Kaio cuteness:
- He grabs the phone (my mobile, a fake or toy phone) and says he is talking to titio ou titia. He talks to them saying "tudo bem contigo?" (Are you alright?) "Eu fui para escolinha hoje" (eu fui para a escolinha hoje), etc and sometimes e starts babbling in an imaginary language...
- He is learning a lot at school, 2 months ago they learned all about Indians (what they eat, how they dress and how they sit). Last week I sat down on the floor to play with him and crossed my legs, so he said "mamae senta como indio" (mommy sits like an Indian)
- He is a tattle tale - he comes and tells me "papai me bateu" (daddy hit me) - which is not true, but I think he expects me to tell Jason off because he was not allowed something... (At his school they motivate the kids to tell the teacher when a classmate hurts them, instead of hitting back)
- We discipline Kaio with giving him a warning and counting until 3 when he is not listening. We have heard him a couple of times him pretending to "discipline" somebody (imaginary). He says - "this is a warning! 1...2...3... voce nao te comporta" "Voce disse nao?! Vai para o teu quarto" (did you say 'no'?! Go to your room"
He sure is adorable and makes us giggle a lot!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lobo mau!

Kaio came home form school very impressed by the story of the 'lobo mau' (bad wolf). Which is the story about the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. We also took him to a children play that had a similar story (however the piglets were the 'evil' ones and the wolf was the good one!). He has been very impressed with this story and is constantly asking where the "lobo mau" is. When he is playing he says that he is the "lobo mau bonzinho" (the good bad wolf) and also makes up 'weapons' to chase the bad wolf away!
He ins now constantly asking us to tell him (made up) short stories. He asks - "conta a historia do menino" (tell the story about the boy) or about the police on the horse, etc. I have also started motivating him to tell us stories (to help his imagination a bit) and the other day he told the story about mommy drinking sparkling water (very cute, short made up story!)

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 months already?!

Josefine had her 6 month check last week! She is doing great. She weighs 7.4kg (=16.3lbs) and is 65cm tall. Continuing on the 50% of her weight and 75% for height. The pediatrician continues to be impressed with her, how smiley, sweet and easy going she is! (she smiled the entire check and did not fuss once!)
We started introducing some foods and so far her favourite is banana. (unfortunately it 'blocks' her and we've had some issues with that). She definitely does not like the carrot/potato soup I've made and she makes the funniest faces before spitting it all out again! We have also tried papaya (which she likes) and apple (also a favourite).
She is now able to sit by herself for aprox. 30secs but then she bends to one side and falls, which is something Kaio find hilarious and he keeps watching to see her lean to one side and almost fall (of course we are always there to catch her).
Kaio is only speaking portuguese now. He has perfect sentences and uses his words very well. Everyone is very impressed he learned it in 4 months! Jason has now made a point of only speaking enlgish to him (which he does understand without any problems) so we ensure he does not loose his English knowledge.
Kaio has been playing by himself very nicely. He makes up stories and finds diferente toys/items to play out his 'stories'. One day I started telling him a story about a police officer (a short, made up story that lasted 2 mins) and now he is constantly asking us - conta historia da policia no cavalo (tell the story of the police on the horse) or - policia na moto (police on the moto). We always tell something diferent and he absolutely loves it! (we take advantage of this interest and teach him some lessons, like - "the horsey ate all his food so he becomes big and strong." "The horsey and the police officer were very good friends and were nice to each other and did not hit each other" etc)
Both Kaio and Josefine started swimming classes. They both LOVE it. With Josie I started the 'bebe' class, which is the one I enter in the water with her and we do all sort of activities to make her comfortable with the water. She really loves to 'splash' and being in the water. The teacher was really impressed in how she adapted easily in the water and goes to the teachers' arms without any problems. BTW, she is absolutely ADORABLE in her little bathing suit (pictures to follow shortly)
Kaio started a proper swimming class (where I don't enter with him), this class is normally for children that are 3+years, but because we have Josie they allowed us to 'try' this class and would decide if he could join it. To start, Kaio was a bit shy and affraid of the new situation when we got to the changing room, and the teacher had warned he might not even get into the water on the first class to allow him to adapt to the new situation. However, after another teacher (there are 3) played and envolved him with some games, he went into the water and followed the entire class without a problem! I was SO proud of my little guy (he is by far the youngest) but did very well and all 3 teachers said he was more then ready to start the class!!! We went to get a nice sweet afterwards to celebrate his huge achievement! BTW, he is also absolutely adorable in his sunga (Speedo)!