Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lobo mau!

Kaio came home form school very impressed by the story of the 'lobo mau' (bad wolf). Which is the story about the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. We also took him to a children play that had a similar story (however the piglets were the 'evil' ones and the wolf was the good one!). He has been very impressed with this story and is constantly asking where the "lobo mau" is. When he is playing he says that he is the "lobo mau bonzinho" (the good bad wolf) and also makes up 'weapons' to chase the bad wolf away!
He ins now constantly asking us to tell him (made up) short stories. He asks - "conta a historia do menino" (tell the story about the boy) or about the police on the horse, etc. I have also started motivating him to tell us stories (to help his imagination a bit) and the other day he told the story about mommy drinking sparkling water (very cute, short made up story!)

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