Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restaurant play

We purchased a new home and while we are remodeling we got the kids a toy kitchen with tons of fake foods, plates, utensils and serving trays. They have been enjoying it and after spending a while 'cooking' they come to ale our orders and then serve us. The other day Josefine came with a full tray and announced that she was the 'bringer' (waitress) and Kaio was the 'cooker' (chef/cook). She was also very adamant that we finished our food before getting dessert....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kungfu fighting...

The kids heard the song at school and saw the videoclipe... And now they Love it... Josefine keeps repeating "Kungfu fighting as fast as lightning.." Her rythm is a bit off but it is adorable and she said she loves the song because she knows it! She also said she will know how to whistle when she gets older (part of the song is a whistle solo). Kaio is fascinated by the video where the show kungfu!
They have really started taking and interest in adult songs... They have really enjoyed Dave Matthews as we play it all the time!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another doc check up

We went for a regular doctor check up today. We had not visited a pediatrician since we arrived... Almost 6 months ago! Kids were all in good health. Both kids are in the 50-75% for their height. For weight, Kaio is in the 25-50% and Josefine at 50%. 
They are getting all ready for their new schools. Kaio will start kindergarten at Aspen Creek and Josefine will go to Primrose (where Kaio will have kindergarten enrichment after school). They are both very excited!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Our athlete

This week they held mini Olympics at the school! Kaio was eager and was ready with his running shoes! The first say they had 3 categories (long jumps, running and frisbee (?)). He came home with 3 medals! Gold in the first two categories and bronze in frisbee (which is not really a sport) we were so proud and he was very happy! The following day the had a multi sport event and again he came in first! He truly is very good as sports (he beats me when we race...)

A woooolf

The kids have been very impressed with the coyotes we have been seeing (I saw 4 the other day) and as I described them as being a type of wolf, the call them that! Actually, Josefine has merged (unintentionally) the word wolf and woof (dog bark) and calls them woooolfs. It drives Kaio crazy as he tries to correct her and she keeps on calling them woooolfs!

Friday, August 02, 2013


I am always amazed in how diferente my kiddos are! As I am working full time now and want to fit in a workout without compromising time with the kids, I wake up at 5am to run. At that time it is still dark/dusk and I enjoy the freshness of the greenbelt and lakes around. I also enjoy the dozens of bunnies and birds I come across... This week, however, I came across 2 coyotes. It is well known they are in our neighborhood, but we had not seen them so far. When I arrived home the kids were awake and I told the story about the coyotes... Both of them were hooked and wanted as many details as possible. At the end Kaio, being very considerate and careful said "mommy, don't go running in that area again" and within a second Josefine says "mommy, can I go running with you?"

Developing artists

We often talk about what the kids would like to be when they are older (as they ask questions about where we work, what we do... Part of their daily long list of questions about life :-) and Kaio has gone from being a bob the builder (building things) to being pilot, a truck driver and a painter! We always talk about what sort if works he can do and the options he had within each choice. His latest goal is to be a bob the builder (to build houses and buildings) and in his spare time be a painter (he loves to draw) Josefine is still a bit young to understand it all, but she had gone from wanting to be TinkerBell to being Miney when she grows up! I can't wait to see what they will do when they decide on a career but I am sure they will do great and we will stand behind any decision they make!