Friday, January 29, 2010

7 week check up

Josefine had her 7 week check up (which is normally done at 8 weeks but we will be in Brazil by then). The Dr. said she is doing really well and was (pleasantly) surprised in seeing what a smilley baby we have!
She now weighs 4.6kg/10.2lbs (which is in the 50% for her age), she is also in the 50% for her head circumference and she is 57cm/1'10" which is the in the 75% for her age.
The Dr. prescibed some antifungal and eczema cream for a bad rash she had on her neck. It had been very itchy and with the creams it is much better already!
She also received her first set of shots. One in each leg. With the first injection she barely moved and the Dr. praised her in how brave she was. But when the second injection went into her leg - SHE SCREAMED!
Her sleeping is overall very good, although we do have some 'off' days. Twice she has now been able to sleep 6 hrs without a feed, which is a very close step away from sleeping through the night!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big move ahead!

A couple of years ago, we came to the conclusion that the UK was not going to be the place we wanted to settle and raise our children. Having that in mind, we planned to take a sabbatical before settling in 'whatever place' we decide it to be. Both Jason and I have been moving (countries and homes) often in the last 10 years and now that we have 2 little once, we will soon have to 'settle down'. For various reasons we postponed our sabbatical twice (the last reason being our wonderful little girl Josie!) and now we are ready to go! We leave the UK on the 31st of January. We are planning to take 6 months off in Brazil. The main aim is to spend some quality time as a family, spend time with my family and our friends, Jason wants to learn Portuguese, we want to travel in south america and we want to decide what our next step in life is!
It is very exciting and are so happy we will be able to do this. I am so excited to spend so much time with my children, husband and family.
Today is Jason's last day at work and we have next week to finish up packing and say our 'goodbyes' to friends and the city we have lived in for the last 4 years! We take great memories from this place, including Kaio's and Josefine's birth (they do top the list!).

Both Kaio and Josie are doing well. This week they both received tuberculosis shots (a requirement in Brazil). We are adjusting nicely to a routine. Kaio has had a couple of 'melt downs' (I guess these are the infamous 'terrible twos') but he snaps out of them quiet quickly. We also have a 'time out' approach where we give him a warning and if he continues his bad behaviour he goes to his room for a couple of minutes and is only allowed out if he apologizes for what he did (tips we got from the programme 'Super Nanny'). But overall he is a very good toddler and I really can't complain! This week we had a catch up with his carer at nursery and she has found he has become much better since Josie's arrival and him being part time at nursery. She said he is much happier, is not aggressive and really enjoys playing with other kids.
This week we also had our leaving do with our NCT friends (who we met at our antenatal classes when I was pregnant with Kaio). There are 12 'mommies' with 12 toddlers and 5 babies under 1 year and 5 of them are pregnant with baby nbr 2. They have been such a great group of friends and we will definitely miss them!

Kaio is definitely ready for potty training. He is able to lower his pants and sit on the potty (without removing the nappy) and he has done 2 poops while sitting on it! He also was sitting on his potty when we had some friends come over with their little girl who is potty trained. We are waiting to go to Brasil to really focus on it and get him 'dry'

Josie is a very happy baby. Every time we talk to her from close by she opens a huge smile! We mentioned it a couple of posts ago and she continues having these huge smiles and with much less effort required form our side. It is very unusual for such a young baby to smile so much, but the pic below is the evidence! (I also have it taped and will ask Jason to post it!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

He is a charmer

Kaio, March 2008 - 6 months

Kaio, January 2010 - 2 years and 3 months

- Kaio said 'I love you' for the first time without just repeating me. We were in the bus and we were playing, he asked for a hug and then he said - 'I luve uuuu'! It just completely caught me by surprise and was so spontaneous I almost cried.
- The same day, I was breasfeeding Josie and Kaio was sitting next to us on the couch playing with his favourite toy - 'donkey'. When I looked over, he had pulled his shirt up, placed donkey's mouth on his chest and was 'feeding' donkey and making sucking noises. It was so funny!!!!!
- We have taught Kaio to bounce Josie's bouncy chair with only 'one finger' (to avoid her 'flying out' of it when he get's enthousiastic about it) So when I was soothing her and bouncing her chair with my hand he came running to me and said 'only one finger mommy!!!!'
- A couple of days ago, Josie started crying as I was playing with Kaio and went to sooth her and I said - "Don't cry, it's not that bad". Well, now, ever time she cries he goes running to her and says - "It's not that bad baby Josie" while he bounces and tries to shush her... very cute!
- Now that Josie can open her eyes for longer periods and is able to see and follow things, we tell her: "look at your big brother, look at how well he is eating/playing/dancing, etc". You can see Kaio's eye light up and be all proud of what he is doing.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Video of Kaio

Here's a bonus post today: a short video of Kaio on New Years Day.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

1 month!

It's been a month since Josefine was born. It's one of the longest 'toys' Kaio has played with....
Normally Kaio gets tired of a new toy after a couple of days, however with Josie he still continues to show huge interest. He always asks after her, wants to give hugs and kisses, he wants to hold her, helps us 'sush' her and offers her dummies and his toys. It is adorable!
Kaio got his swine flu shot on tuesday. He was a bit feverish the following day but just need some additional attention (hugs and time on mommy's lap) and paracetamol.
The other day Kaio saw a whole movie from start to finish (2 1/2 hrs) - The Wizzard of Oz. A couple of weeks ago we tried Lord of the Rings, but he was a bit affraid after 1 hr and a lot of scary creatures...
Josie is doing really well and weighed 4.03kg on her 1 month check up (which is up from 3.29kg at birth). She feeds well however is still coping with the cold she got when she was 10 days old. She has started smiling daily (although we do have to put effort in it), she is also able to follow objects with her eyes and reacts to noise (mainly Kaio running around).
We've had 2 baths with Kaio and Josie in the big tub - which went really well but we definitely need a one adult per child ratio.
A couple of diferences and similarities between Kaio and Josie as newborns:
- Unlike Kaio, Josie shows no interest for the dummy.
- Both take the bottle well (for the night feed of expressed milk)
- Kaio had much more and darker hair then Josie.
- Everybody always commented in how Kaio had big eyes, Josie has smaller eyes. She also seems to have lighter eyes for now.
- Both react really well to the swaddle blanket and white noise to go to sleep (which we some times use to help them fall asleep when unsettled)
- Josie is a slow eater. Kaio used to feed in 10 mins, and Josie can sometimes take 30-45mins.
- Both of them sleep well at night (touch wood)
- Both grunt when they poop, although Josie grunts much more when she is feeding.
- Josie loves to sleep on her belly, although we only allow it during the day.
- It seems 'easier' with Josie, which is mainly due to her being the second baby and with Kaio everything was so new.
- Josie has 'the eagle scream' when she starts crying.
- Both of them have a "stork bite" mark in the middle of their eyes and on the back of their head, although Josie's frontal mark seems a bit smaller and the one on her back is bigger. (my mom told me I also was born with the same mark and it vanished after a couple of years. Kaio's is much lighter now and is only very visible when he cries or when he is really tired)
- They both are simply amazing and have enriched our lives to a whole diferent level.

Latest pics:
- Josie and her blue eyes! (and the adorable outfit Grandma sent)
- Kaio playing with Josie's hat
- Daddy and smiley Josefine
- Josie and her big brother, who still can't get enough of her!
- Family in the park on new year's day.
- Kaio and Josie's first bath together!
- Josie's favourite sleeping pose - her tummy