Thursday, January 07, 2010

1 month!

It's been a month since Josefine was born. It's one of the longest 'toys' Kaio has played with....
Normally Kaio gets tired of a new toy after a couple of days, however with Josie he still continues to show huge interest. He always asks after her, wants to give hugs and kisses, he wants to hold her, helps us 'sush' her and offers her dummies and his toys. It is adorable!
Kaio got his swine flu shot on tuesday. He was a bit feverish the following day but just need some additional attention (hugs and time on mommy's lap) and paracetamol.
The other day Kaio saw a whole movie from start to finish (2 1/2 hrs) - The Wizzard of Oz. A couple of weeks ago we tried Lord of the Rings, but he was a bit affraid after 1 hr and a lot of scary creatures...
Josie is doing really well and weighed 4.03kg on her 1 month check up (which is up from 3.29kg at birth). She feeds well however is still coping with the cold she got when she was 10 days old. She has started smiling daily (although we do have to put effort in it), she is also able to follow objects with her eyes and reacts to noise (mainly Kaio running around).
We've had 2 baths with Kaio and Josie in the big tub - which went really well but we definitely need a one adult per child ratio.
A couple of diferences and similarities between Kaio and Josie as newborns:
- Unlike Kaio, Josie shows no interest for the dummy.
- Both take the bottle well (for the night feed of expressed milk)
- Kaio had much more and darker hair then Josie.
- Everybody always commented in how Kaio had big eyes, Josie has smaller eyes. She also seems to have lighter eyes for now.
- Both react really well to the swaddle blanket and white noise to go to sleep (which we some times use to help them fall asleep when unsettled)
- Josie is a slow eater. Kaio used to feed in 10 mins, and Josie can sometimes take 30-45mins.
- Both of them sleep well at night (touch wood)
- Both grunt when they poop, although Josie grunts much more when she is feeding.
- Josie loves to sleep on her belly, although we only allow it during the day.
- It seems 'easier' with Josie, which is mainly due to her being the second baby and with Kaio everything was so new.
- Josie has 'the eagle scream' when she starts crying.
- Both of them have a "stork bite" mark in the middle of their eyes and on the back of their head, although Josie's frontal mark seems a bit smaller and the one on her back is bigger. (my mom told me I also was born with the same mark and it vanished after a couple of years. Kaio's is much lighter now and is only very visible when he cries or when he is really tired)
- They both are simply amazing and have enriched our lives to a whole diferent level.

Latest pics:
- Josie and her blue eyes! (and the adorable outfit Grandma sent)
- Kaio playing with Josie's hat
- Daddy and smiley Josefine
- Josie and her big brother, who still can't get enough of her!
- Family in the park on new year's day.
- Kaio and Josie's first bath together!
- Josie's favourite sleeping pose - her tummy


Anonymous said...

Que gracinha, Anne, parabens, uma familia linda! Muita saude e paz pra vcs! Bj com saudade. Suzel

ward said...

We´re counting the day´s.....mas o post mais engraçado de 2010 foi do kaio. MUITO ENGRAÇADO todos aqui em casa adoramos o video.