Monday, April 30, 2007


We have decided this weekend for a theme for the nursery. We are going with frogs. We both like green, it's a neutral color and we have some nice colorful frog pictures for the walls (for those who remember the artwork in the purple bathroom in our Redondo Beach house.... those are the ones). I am excited to start planning the nursery! (this is until I see the price of all the little bits an pieces...)
The plan is to make a list of all the items we need for the baby/nursery so we can then start buying things on our trips (Brazil, US, Stockholm, etc) Since it is much more expensive here in the UK!
Tomorrow we are off to Portugal. It will be nice to relax!
Friday I will be 5 months!!! Time has just flown by!


We had a very nice weekend! We went shopping and Jason was great. He would stand in line for the fitting room when i was picking out cloths and when I was trying on the cloths he would stand in line to pay, so we could get out fast and go to the next one!!! I bought some nice maternity cloths, including a Bella band (which is a simple cotton band that is supposed to support the belly when it get's bigger! It will probably come in handy!)
Jason also ran 18 miles this weekend.. my mom said that is was great training for when he needs to run after the kids (hopefully not for 18 miles!!) and me and Vinny went for a 2 hr walk!
So far my cravings have been easy on Jason. I have cravings something, however I control it and can have it several days later. Last week I really wanted some peanut M&M's but did not make/ask Jason go and get them, however on sunday we were in the store and I bought a big bag and pretty much ate everything at once!!! (Jason is still hoping I have another pizza craving like I did in the early weeks of my pregnancy!)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreams... (or would it be nightmares...)

Last night I dreamt we had twins.. tinny little babies.. and they had a wound in their abdomen. It as scary, because I couln't make the wounds heal!!! (we were watching LOST the night before, and for those who know the show, there are some 'bloody' bits on it). Several weeks ago I had dreamt I had a small baby boy, and I had to register him (yes it was clearly a boy in my dream) and the man behind the counter just threw him in a bucket of water and he was completely wet when I got him back! I did not have a towel and the baby kept telling (yes, the baby could talk) that it was very cold!!! (interestingly enough, our washer was not working at the time here at the new house and we had no large towels to dry ourselves for several days...). I guess I just am worried about my mother capabilities!!! And I am sure everyone goes through that... it's just scary to have dreams like that. I woke up at 7 and could not sleep anymore! (it's saturday!)
We are off to go shopping in Kingston (upon Thames, as Jason likes to call it, however it is just next to the Thames and is just called Kingston! He has spend to much time in England!) and stroll around the river and have abite to eat. The weather is great and it's supposed to be record high temperatures this weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rubber Bands?!

This morning, for the first time, I could not close my pants. A friend of mine suggested using a rubber band: you put it thourgh the the loop and and around the button, and that should give me some extra comfort... looking forward to that. I will have to buy rubber bands that go with my outfit ;) Or I can persuade jason to go shopping with me this weekend!
Two weeks from tomorrow we have our scan! I can't wait!!!
Jason send out an e-mail to the 'Hall' side of the family and we have received several very sweet e-mails back from our aunts and cousins! Thank you!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

'Conversation' of the weekend

We wento a friend's house this weekend for a barbecue. While there I was talking to a girl about my green card situation and another girl (which I don't consider the smartest cookie) was listening. At 0ne point I said:
"The problem is that I need to travel to the US before the end of July, otherwise I will be too pregnant to go on a plane"
Not-so-smart-cookie says:
"Are you pregnant?"
I say:
She says:
"Really, I didn't know... you can't really tell... how many months?"
Kind of knowing where this conversation was going....I said:
"4 1/2 months"
She says:
"REALLY!!! I have friend that is 4 months and you can definitely tell she is pregnant, anyone could tell.. but you... not at all!"
well, great, as if I wasn't feeling bad already that there is not enough space for the baby in my belly......

Friday, April 20, 2007

4 1/2 months

Today I completed 4 1/2 months! This is the time when my mom started to feel some kicks! Not yet for me. Sometimes I actually don't think I am pregnant! Small belly, no cravings, not abnormally (!) emotional, no tiredness and definitely no kind of kicking in my belly! I will probably only ease when we have our scan on the 10th of May!
Jason brought back some maternity cloths I had ordered on-line in the US. I ordered a couple of size S and some M. I am definitely a size S in the US (here in Europe I am a size M) It's funny how the sizes differ. It's probably to make americans feel better about themselves.
I am currently a bit bitter with the US. I had to send in my greencard (the one that was valid for 10 years) because they put a wrong date of birth. Well I send it back in February. Now, I realized that it can take up to 6 months (august) before I get it back, and I need to go to the US at least once a year to keep my greencard valid! Well, last time we went to the US was October, but the problem is that I can only travel until mid august..... so, if they don't send my greencard on time, I may not be able to go to the US this year and loose my greencard, and start from zero. And for those who know them pain (sending in several forms, costs, medical exams, waiting period, etc) of getting a greencard -I am not looking forward to it! It's just frustrating, because it was their mistake! At least our child will get an american passport and not have to deal with greencards!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring in London

It has been beautiful here in London. Almost spring - the sun starts showing it's face, trees and plants are blooming, people are in parks picnicking, playing games, having fun, the restaurants start putting tables outside and opening their windows, so people can enjoy the weather and it get's dark after 8pm! This is really a great moment to be here in London!
Today I got home from work at 6 and took Vinny for a jog/walk. He loves it! (I do too and I hope the baby as well!)
My belly is starting to show (specially wearing summer cloths) and I notice people looking at my belly. However, they must either think:
'gosh, cut back on the pint and biscuits lady'
'how cute, she must be pregnant'
It is still not to obvious!
I am still not 100% recovered from my cold (yes mom, I will drink more tea with honey tonight!) and I had a terrible headache (yes Jason, I did drink a lot of water today!) But after being in the park for 1 hr, I feel much better, I just needed some fresh air.
3 weeks and 2 days before our next scan. I can't wait. I have trying to feel my belly to see if I can feel any movements, but nothing so far. My mom said it happened to her around 4 1/2 months (one more week to go then!)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

First baby blues...

Today, for the first time, I felt the baby hormones affect my mood!
I worked at a veterinary conference (we won the prize of the best stand) for 5 long days. Since I was responsible, I worked long hours and I am also fighting a cold!
When I was taking the train back home I thought about how nice it would be to get home, being with Jason, going for a drink (it has been very warm and everyone was out and about enjoying the weather!), taking Vinny for a walk, etc. But, unfortunately, Jason is on a business trip in Los Angeles and Vinny stayed with a friend while I was at the conference. When I arrived home, the house was quiet. Then I talked to my parents, Liesbet and Ward and chatted with my best friend Melissa (in Brazil) and I felt SOOOOOO home sick to Brazil.
So when I spoke to Jason the tears just came down....
It sounds sad, but it's just my hormones, being tired and just missing Jason caused me to go over 'the edge'. However, now I've had some diner, a cup of tea with honey (I promised my mom!) and feel ready to go to bed and rest...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grandpa Steve's e-mail

We got back from Marroco late last night and in my inbox I found this nice e-mail from Steve.
Dearest Annelies,
I believe it is time for my two cents worth. I have always said my greatest experience is to view the world through the eyes of my children. You have taken me to new heights with Your experiences that you have listed in this baby diary. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do.
You and Jason are heading down a new path that will change your lives and your marriage forever. You were each on a single separate path that you traveled on your journey, and then you met each other and joined in matrimony. Now your lives are taking on new meaning, as the marriage of two becomes a family of three (Oops four, sorry Vinny). You are changing physically, emotionally, spiritually for the better.
My father always told me that he would have his revenge on me some day. That day was the day I told him he had a grandson named Jason. He later told me that there was true love in those words, for the word "revenge" had many meanings. He knew what wonders I would have with our new son and later a wonderful daughter for he and his wife had the same wonders we did (do).
I told Jason when the two of you were married that I would not bother him about when you two would have children. I told him he had to satisfy his Mother and Mother-in-law first. Now that the news is out and the event is well on the way. I can REJOICE.
With ALL my love
Grandpa Stephen

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007

Letter from my sister, Liesbet

Well the baby will have to learn multiple languages, since one grandma writes in English, the other grandma in Dutch and Liesbet in Portuguese!!! We have always wanted to teach our children Portuguese, but, even though Jason has improved a lot, he still needs to come up to speed to be able to teach our child. He does have some time before the baby is boren and starts speaking! Here is Aunt Liesbet's sweet e-mail:

Eu finalmente encarei novamente teu blog!! Como estou emocionada!! Estás lindas e tenho plena certeza que vi lábios e um rostinho angêlical! Nossa anne, não tenho palavras para descrever minha alegria com toda essa fulia. Um novo membro na nossa família!!Ele ou ela será concerteza amparado por todos nós com muito amor, isso nunca o faltará.

Eu consigo sonhar acordada com as primeiras fotos de ti com o baby, da primeira vez que ele ou ela irá mamar no teu seio, das mãozinhas e dos pézinhos se espreguiçando continuamente, das roupinhas em miniatura, do primeiro passeio ao museu (sim senhora, terá que ser um baby culto! ^^)... vocês serão ótimos pais! Tenho pouca certeza da vida mais muita certeza que serão pais exelentes.

Family in town

This weekend my aunt Hilde and my cousin Els (whom live in Belgium) came to London to visit us! I had not seen Hilde and Els for several years and it was very nice to see them. They did not know we were pregnant, and while having lunch we were telling them all the trips we have done and have planned for this year. Els (whom has a beautiful blond-and-blue-eyed baby boy that is 2 1/2yr old) said - "you might as well, since you don't have any children." Jason and I looked at each other and said to them - "well, that will change in 5 1/2 months!"
We had a great time and we hope to see them again when the baby arrives!

Grandpa Bernie's e-mail

Dear Annelies and Jason,

We enjoy reading each entry to the "Baby Diaries Blog" ever since Anita told us about it. We are thrilled to go through this pregnancy with you and hope that you continue writing and keeping us informed. We want to know all about this Great Grand Son or Great Grand Daughter that you bring into this world. We are waiting to hear if it will be a boy or a girl. We pray that you will have a happy and healthy baby and that your delivery will be an easy one.