Friday, August 29, 2008

Daddy's birthday

On the 27th it was Jason's birthday (and Oma's as well). Jason had been on a business trip for 2 days in Paris and would be arriving home at 8ish pm. Kaio was really tired and I was almost ready to put him in bed when Jason arrived. Kaio's reaction was priceless! He saw Jason, opened a big smile, opened his arms, and gave Daddy a big hug. He then gave a huge kiss!!! It made Jason's birthday!
Yesterday daycare mentioned Kaio has been playing a bit 'rough'. He has been 'smacking' and biting some other children. the 'smacking' is purely out of excitement since he does similarly with us and with Vinny. We have been trying to teach him to be 'gentle' but it is so cute when he screams and bounces on us/Vinny/furniture, etc, and then laughs. He has not been biting us that much anymore since we have been very serious when we say 'no' after he does bite (mostly out of excitement as well!)
Kaio loves to point and 'talk'. He copied it from us since we point at things and tell him what they are. So now, he also points and babbles like he is telling us what they are. he is also babbling a lot, when he is playing, crawling, having his nappy changed, etc. He has a lot to say!

Monday, August 25, 2008

He is dancing!

We had a very busy 3-day weekend. We have been packing for our move, which is next week. It is a bit distracting with Kaio, but also so much fun! It's great to see him 'play' with everything: a empty box, a hanger, folded cloths (yes, he is able to unfold everything in no time), etc.
He now has this 'forced' funny laugh. He sees a picture of someone laughing (it started with the picture of a laughing man in the newspaper) and he does this 'hehehehehe', which is not his normal laugh. When we repeat it he continues, it's very cute!
Kaio also started 'dancing'! We went to the Notting Hill Carnival on sunday. It was very fun, loud and interesting. Kaio loved looking at all the noises, different people, costumes and musical cars. At one point we stopped to see a carnival flout come by and when I looked down at Kaio he was schaking his had and moving his body, so Jason and I started dancing too, and he continued doing it with a big smile on his face!
Kaio is so flirtatious with strangers, he smiles, laughes, points and interacts with anyone that gives him a look. He contineus to be very loving a sweet with us - hugging and kissing (and sometimes biting) us!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proud parents!

Yesterday we went to the parent's evening at Kaio's daycare. We got to see all his 'art work' and read about his progress since April. Kaio got so many compliments in his behavior, intelligence, indepence, co-operation, etc. He has adapted nicely to daycare and is making friends, enjoying all the activities, the food and being a good baby and developing nicely. We see it at home but it is great to hear his carer's reassurance. I think the only negative from daycare is that he does not sleep as much during the day. He takes 20min naps and when at home he sleep 4+ hrs a day!
Kaio has 6 teeth now (4 top and 2 on the bottom). It seems he has learned not to bite us anymore. I have yet to figure out a way of taking a picture of all teeth together.... wish me luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tate modern

We went to the Tate modern (museum) again (Kaio also went there when he was only a couple of weeks old to see the 'crack') This time around we saw an photography exhibition and a graffiti display. It was very interesting! Kaio had the giggles and was laughing out loud in the museum. It was so cute.. I tickled his neck a couple of times and he just giggled away.
Kaio started clapping his hands. Jason and I have been trying to teach him that for the last couple of weeks and yesterday he suddenly started clapping. And as usual - very cute!
We have started to 'wean' him from his dummy and are not giving it at night. The first nights he cried and seemed very upset (we gave in once!) but now he has been going to bed without fussing much.
On the weekends he has been sleeping a lot. It is so surprising since during the week, at daycare, it is not unusual for him to only take a 20min nap (the entire day), so when it is weekend, he has to catch up and takes several naps, sometimes adding to 5hrs of sleep!
Kaio still loves his bath, here are some pictures of today's bath (sorry for the nudity....;-)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Baby Gym

I took Kaio, with some of his friends, to the baby gym. It is a big room with all kind of 'obstacles' and toys. We had a blast!!! We started with warming up his muscles, by singing songs and 'dancing' to 'row your boat', 'the bus goes round and round', 'if your happy', etc. And then we let the babies explore. Kaio, as usual, had no fear and just went up on all obstacles, into the tunnels, on the springers, etc. He was really enjoying it! The teacher came to chat with us and asked how old Kaio's sibling was.... well, if you count Vinny, our dog... she said that he was very confident, social and developed for being the youngest and only child! I am proud of my baby! I think he learned being confident and so social at daycare.... (he was smilling at everyone and playing with other children)
Kaio is starting to get a bit picky with some of his foods. Before, he would eat his whole breakfast in Kaio has been very attached to me and he has been very loving and hugs me a lot!!! In the moring, when he comes and plays in our bed, he always has a big smile for me and gives me a big hug, as he also does when I pick him up at daycare! It makes my day!