Thursday, August 07, 2008

Baby Gym

I took Kaio, with some of his friends, to the baby gym. It is a big room with all kind of 'obstacles' and toys. We had a blast!!! We started with warming up his muscles, by singing songs and 'dancing' to 'row your boat', 'the bus goes round and round', 'if your happy', etc. And then we let the babies explore. Kaio, as usual, had no fear and just went up on all obstacles, into the tunnels, on the springers, etc. He was really enjoying it! The teacher came to chat with us and asked how old Kaio's sibling was.... well, if you count Vinny, our dog... she said that he was very confident, social and developed for being the youngest and only child! I am proud of my baby! I think he learned being confident and so social at daycare.... (he was smilling at everyone and playing with other children)
Kaio is starting to get a bit picky with some of his foods. Before, he would eat his whole breakfast in Kaio has been very attached to me and he has been very loving and hugs me a lot!!! In the moring, when he comes and plays in our bed, he always has a big smile for me and gives me a big hug, as he also does when I pick him up at daycare! It makes my day!

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