Saturday, November 01, 2008


Kaio has been so much fun! He loves the phone and puts it to his ear and laughs. He also grabs the remote and points at the TV and pushes the buttons. When we say 'O-o' he also says it... although, like with the majority of other things - when he feels like it!It's a bit scary he imitates so many things we do.
He loves apples. I give him the entire apple, with peel and he just munches on it for several minutes. If I cut it in smaller pieces he is not that interested! Kaio ate Daddy's famous Guinness chili today and also enjoyed it.
On Friday it was Kaio's second Halloween and we dressed him up as a little prisoner. He was so adorable, although at the end of the day at nursery there was not much left from his outfit!
Everyone always comments in how Kaio loves other children and specially babies. We had some friends come over with Freya, who is a couple of weeks older then Kaio. He was so sweet and gentle with her. He would laugh when she laughed, he would give her his toys and they would play together. Although she was a bit more 'aggressive' and Kaio was a bit more gentle.

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