Sunday, March 15, 2009

Already missing him!

Tomorrow I will be going on a business trip for 4 days, just the thought of being away from Kaio already hurts me!
Kaio is so much fun and every minute apart from him seems like eternity. And although I really enjoy my job it makes me think what my priorities should be. It is sometimes hard to know if I have the balance right! I do feel we spend great quality time together and the fact that I am working from home several days a week and the days I go to the office I leave home at 8 and leave the office at 4 makes me feel better. My doubts always arise when I have to travel for several days or when I talk to stay at home moms. I sometimes think I am less of a mom because I work full time! I know Kaio adores me and he is smart and daycare does him good, but... there is always that but....
Anyways, Kaio has been babbling so much. The latest cute one is 'ioio' (=yo-yo), 'ubbles' (=bubbles) and 'eeeze' (dependent of the situation it means cheese or keys)! He is also saying 'daddy' and 'mama' perfectly. Today we spend some times with some friends who have a 14 month old and it was adorable to see them play. They were running around chasing each other and giggling. So cute!

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