Thursday, December 24, 2009

First cold!


Josie had her first cold. She was only 10 days when we noticed she had a stuffy nose! Kaio had come home for nursery with a stuffy nose and filled her with kisses.... It's a bit frightening seeing them ill so young. Kaio had his first cold when he was 4 months! However she is handling it well and continues being a sweet and easy going baby.
Josefine already has her brazilian passport and we have requested the American one as well. She will soon be as international as her brother!
We had Josie's 2 week check up and she is gaining weight nicely. She was born with 3.29kg (25%) and is now up to 3.625kg (almost 50%). Which shows she is eating well! She continues to sleep well and is generally in a great mood and only 'complains' when there is something wrong.
Kaio continues to speak very well, he makes full sentences and says things like - "the book is up there", "Baby Josie is in there!", etc. It's just amazing and great that he can communicate so well, specially now that we are so busy with Josie. Sometimes we need to remind Kaio to "use his words" as he can get frustrated about certain things. He usually stops whining and tells us what he wants.
Today was my first day alone with both of the children They are doing great! I was able to feed them at the same time (it's all about multi tasking!) and put them down for a nap. They have been sleeping soundly for 1 1/2hrs!
Today is Christmas Eve and we are going to take it easy the next couple of days. We are planning to make some nice meals, have some friends over and, most importantly, enjoy our little ones!
1) Oma on her last day here
2) Happy family!
3) Josie, mommy and daddy
4) Smiley baby


Lies said...

Que gatinhaaaa!!! Já tá se rindo toda nos sonhos!! Aaaa...ela tá feliz com o mano e mamãe e papai...vai ficar MUITO mais feliz quando poder ficar de bundinha de fora!! hahaha

Saudades e beijos beijos beijos!!

Anonymous said...


estão todos lindos! A Josie é uma fofura!!!!!! Vontade de ir até aí dar uns beijinhos nessas bochechinhas.... E o Kaio que fofo e cada dia mais lindo ! Parabéns! Suadades de vcs.... que fev chegue logo! Bjs e bjs! Mê