Monday, December 07, 2009

Oma and Opa in town

Oma and Opa came to visit! We had prepared Kaio a couple of days before hand and he was very excited. In the past, he would be a little bit shy the first couple of hours after they arrived (always very cautious) however, this time he was very happy to see them and went straight to their arms and eager for his 'presentes' (gifts). He was very polite and said 'thank you Oma', 'thank you Opa' every time he received one.
He has been enjoying all the extra attention and has been in a fantastic mood!
Kaio has been saying full sentence, such as - "This is not a cat, daddy" or "The hat is in the bag", etc. Which I find very impressive and amazing for him to be using all these pronouns and putting them in the right order. It seems he is now more proficient in English, however he will hopefully catch up on his Portuguese once we move their in a couple of months.
He is even correcting us now! This weekend, Oma was taking some pictures of Kaio, Jason and I and Jason said - "Look at grandma" (he was distracted and looking to the other side) Kaio then said - "that is not grandma, that is Oma!" Clever little boy!
1) Kaio, mommy and Opa (and baby 2 in the belly) - this was on my 'official' due date
2) Kaio and Oma
3) Kaio, mommy and daddy walking in London (I am 2 days over due!)
4) Kaio concentrating very hard on the Christmas tree decorating
5) Kaio and Oma at the Christmas fair

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liesbeth said...

Ik heb genoten van de mooie fotoos van het jonge gezinnetje. Ik heb gans de tekst gelezen van de twee eerste levensjaren van Kaio. Proficiat met jullie 2 kindjes, DAT ze Braaf, Gezond en guitig Mogen blijven. Groetjes Monique Bergen