Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First day

Yesterday was Kaio's first full day at daycare (and away from me!). In the morning Jason and I went together to drop him off. We handed him over to the daycare team and he was all smiles to them. I headed to work and was able to not call them all day and keep myself busy.... I went to pick him up at 5pm. When he saw me he smiled and came to my arms and gave me a 'monster' hug. SO ADORABLE! They said he had a great day. He played, painted, ate all his food, napped and cuddled with several people! I then went home to change, pick up Vinny and go for a walk. It was very nice to still enjoy part of the day with him. it will be nice in the summer to be able to enjoy the outside until later (it only get's dark at 10pm). At night he fell asleep on me while I was preparing his bottle, he was so tired from a busy day. Jason came home with beautiful flowers and we had a glass of wine to celebrate my first day back at work and Kaio's first day at daycare.
Going back to work was better then I thought. Things have not changed much (Same burocracy, politics, projects, people, etc as 7 months ago, when I went on maternity leave) and it is nice to come back to a job I already know and can easily execute. My manager is on holiday for 14 days, so it also has been easy to start slowely.

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