Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sick baby

Kaio caught our cold or already got his first bug from the nursery. On thursday he started having some pus on his right eye and he started coughing. On friday he had pus in his left eye as well and more sneezes and coughs. I took him to the Dr. whom said he probable just rubbed his nose and then rubbed his eyes, which caused the eye infection, she prescribed Kaio's first antibiotics (drops for his eyes) He absolutely hates having the drops in his eyes and by the third drops he already recognized the bottle and started screaming.
Today we went to have lunch and Kaio had his lunch at the restaurant. I made a new puree. I used cauliflower and broccolis and he clearly wasn't happy. Every time the spoon went to his mouth he started crying, so after a while I just decided to give him his dessert, strawberry yogurt - the first bite was difficult to give (since he was expecting more caulicolis) but then he kept opening his mouth for the sweet stuff. I then started putting the caulicolis mix between two spoonfuls of yogurt so he would eat more of the savory, well, we have a smart boy - after 2 of 'sneaked in' bites he started not taking anything!!
Tomorrow will be his first full day at daycare, his back pack and dummy (with initials) are ready... snif... Jason has been so great through this all. He knows this is hard on me and has been extremely sweet and supportive. Yesterday he prepared a bath with aromatherapy and a glass of wine, he has been taking cranky and sick Kaio in the am so I can sleep longer, he makes my chai latte in the morning and just a great and supportive hubby and daddy!

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