Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lot's of firsts

This week we had a couple of firsts in Kaio's live:
- First full week at day care - he did really well. Everyone keeps telling me what a great baby he is (he eats all his food, he sleeps nicely, he likes to play, he doesn't cry much, etc)
- First serious cold - lot's of coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, conjunctivitis - this one went hand in hand with the previous first!
- First time without mommies milk. Kaio is now completely weaned. On thursday, April 17th, I had to go to a meeting and leave home early, so I did not feed him and Jason gave him his breakfast (formula milk, cereal and fruit). I haven't given him the breast since then.
- First big bath with daddy - Jason was a bit 'affraid' at first but soon saw that Kaio was having fun and he is not as slippery and difficult to hold as a new born - I think both enjoyed the bath very much
- First rice cookie - I gave him a rice cookie and he chewed on it, bit off little pieces and 'asked' for more..
Kaio is sitting by himself so nicely. Oma gave him a nice toy that he can sit up and play with it He can push buttons and see lights flashing and it also makes a lot of noises. He loves it and it helps him to be motivated to sit up.

He is so cute when he grabs his feet and put them in his mouth!

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