Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cousins in town

Lucas and Ana Julia came to Brazil to spend Easter with us. Kaio was very excited the days leading up to their arrival and although they had not seen each other for almost a year, when we went to pick them up at the airport, Kaio was super cute and hugged and kissed everyone immediately (no shy boy!). The days following he would wake up asking for his cousins - "Ucas and Tutu". They have had so much fun together, and although they don't speak the same langauge (Kaio speaks portuguese and english and they speak flemish) they do understand each other and really have a lot of fun! He is also very fond of his "tante Karo" (aunt Karo)
Juju also adores 'playing' with Josefine, it's like a little doll for her!
We received a very nice Easter box from grandma and granpa. Kaio's favourite item - a musical card. Grandma has indeed found something Kaio loves and he keeps all musical cards and gets them out to play and dance several times per month!
Here is a link to his latest card:
Josefine is getting stronger by the day. She sits up nicely (with assistance) and is really getting big! She also continues to giggle, babble and explore with her hands. She is also "half rolling" (she rolls on her side). Both kids adore each other and when Josie hears Kaio's voice she smiles and Kaio always gives her hugs and kisses when he sees her. She 'tells' him stories and he loves to listen to her coo and see her kick around! People often ask me if he is jealous of her and I can truely say he has never expressed any jealousy our anger towards her! (touch wood it stays like that)

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