Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cowboy and cowgirl

We went to the stock show with the kids. They loved it!!! We started with some hotdogs and a 90min dog show which they adored! After that we also strolled around to see the animals. Kaio was very interested in all the details and Josefine took a nice afternoon nap. (With all the 'emotions' from the dog show and a weekend in the mountains, she needed it). Kaio got a cowboy hat and Josefine already had one! The next morning Josefine instantly put her hat on to go to school. Kaio more cautious did not want to ruin it! When I picked her up from school she still had it on! When we got home they instantly started playing cowboy and cowgirl. They pretended to plant, make cheese and Kaio did a beautiful painting about his seeds, eggs and cheese he made in the farm! I love it when they get so into it!

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