Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy with new hair...

This week I decided to take control of my hair and had it cut. Jason took care of Kaio and I came home after 1 hour. Kaio stared at me and did not really know what to think of it: that 'different' woman had mommies voice but did not look like her. After a couple of minutes he understood it was me and gave me a big hug. His reaction was priceless!
On friday we went for another check up with the pediatrician. Kaio has put on 400gr and grew 2 cm in 7 weeks. He is still in the 2% of boys, but the Dr. said he will be on the small side but that he is healthy and progressing/developing normally. We also got to the reason why he has been refusing his bottle this last week. He has a cold sore on his inner lip which hurts when he puts the bottle in his mouth.
In the afternoon we met up with some of the antenatal babies. They are all doing really well. One of them started walking this week, the next in line to walk will probably be Kaio since he already stands by himself and can walk easily holding one finger. Kaio also plays very 'nicely' with the other babies, something he probably learned at daycare. Some of the other babies, who have not gone to daycare, tend to play rougher and not share with other babies. Kaio gives toys and shares with most babies.
He has been a lot of fun (as always) and can play with us, with his toys and also goes about exploring 'the world' (mostly cupboards, the computer, the garbage, etc)
Our new place has a nice garden and we got some outdoor chairs. It has been great to sit outside with Kaio. He loves to look around, see the birds fly by, chase the butterflies, touch the plants, etc. Let's hope we get some nice days before the winter arrives!

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