Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick family!

Kaio's personality is coming out more and more. He has a fake 'cry' and a fake 'laugh' - it is so cute and I can only laugh! He is also very playful and loves to get attention. He does play by himself nicely, but he also comes to play with us when he realizes we are in the same room.
He walks (or crawls - depending on his mood) and comes to our legs, stretches out his arms and opens and closes his hands... it is impossible not to pick him up!!!! He is walking more and more by himself and is realizing it is easier to hold something and walk then crawl and drag something along!!!
The sign language is also going well and we are currently teaching him 'help' (when he squeaks and cries to get something done - open or reach a toy/box, something is stuck, etc) and he picked it up in 2 days!
We had a nice weekend and Kaio and mommy went Christmas shopping. This included a nice break at Starbucks for some cake, playing and recharging. Overall it went really well, Kaio behaved for 3 hrs and I got the majority of my Christmas shopping done!
On Tuesday morning Jason and I woke up feeling poorly (British version of saying - sick!) Jason called in sick at work but I had to go into work due to some important meetings. On Wednesday the same story however this time Kaio also has a slight fever. I just hope we will all feel well to go to Brazil on Saturday!!!

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