Monday, December 08, 2008

smart baby!

I read somewhere that a baby around 14 months understands around 25 words. I first thought - 'oh no, Kaio is behind!!! We need to catch up!' but then I started thinking about the words he "knows". He is (of course) not able to actually say them, but when you say the words he acknowledges and reacts to them. He clearly understands the following:

  1. flor (flower)
  2. luz (light)
  3. Kaio (his name)
  4. doggy
  5. mamae (mommy)
  6. daddy
  7. Vinny
  8. food
  9. water
  10. more
  11. all done
  12. escovar os dente (brush the teeth)
  13. aviao (air plane)
  14. baby
  15. passarinho (birdy)
  16. uva (grape)
  17. sapatos (shoes)
  18. bola (ball)
  19. not for the baby (yes, he does understand this and he stops and started doing a 'fake' cry for a couple of seconds and then just does something else!)
  20. not in the mouth
  21. beijo (kiss)
  22. abraco (hug)
  23. livro (book)
  24. yogurte
  25. Tchau (good bye)
  26. Milk
  27. Dance (he bends his knees and actually dances!)

There is a fare share of English and Portuguese words and it might lead to confusion in the future, but it seems to all make sense in his little head!
This weekend we went to a Christmas craft market an hour by car form London. Kaio behaved marvellously. However, on the way back, buckled in his seat, he did the 'all done' sign. He was 'done' with the whole care trip and wanted to get out of his seat. It really showed he understands what 'all done' means, but now needs to understand that not everything can be ' all done' when we want it to be! (wouldn't life be easy!?!)
In two weeks we will be on our way to Brazil for Christmas. We can't wait! Kaio absolutely LOVES his bath time and will have such a blast in the pool! It will be great to spend 3 weeks with him!

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