Sunday, June 28, 2009


We just got back from a week holiday in Tunisia at Club Med! We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every day. It was nice and warm and we had a beautiful beach, pool, house and a lot of time to enjoy it all together! Kaio loved the pool and all the 'mommy and daddy' time. We did put him daycare for a couple of days, which went well and he seemed to enjoy. Kaio loved the local food and tried several different flavors, although his favorite was eating watermelon (something he clearly has from me since I also adore watermelon).
It was really hard to choose the best pictures since there were so many cute ones!
1) Us by the pool
2) Daddy and Kaio in the pool
3) Mommy and Kaio by the flowers
4) Naked baby on the beach
5) More pool time
6) Kaio and daddy giggling
7) Kaio playing on the beach (he loved grabbing sand and throwing it as far as he could)
8 and 9) White night party
10) Another nice family picture (isn't Kaio just ADORABLE!!!!!!)

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