Monday, July 16, 2012

Vamos para o círculo

On our way home a "Vostok" circus has set up camp! The kids have been excited to go and I have explained what the circus actually is. However instead of saying circus or circo (port.), both call it the "circulo" (circle). Unfortunately we drove by today and they are taking the tent down and we have not had a chance to take them... We get busy during the weekends with birthday parties, playdates, barbeques, meet ups, etc and we missed this performance, but both kids were very good about it and Kaio even explained to Josefine that the "circulos" goes around the cities and will come back to Porto Alegre and then we will certainly go!
This weekend we had a birthday picnic and the botanical garden. The kids had a blast and met up with several of their friends!

Making funny faces with Isadora, 20month old daughter of my best friend Mariana, whom I have known for 20 years!
On sunday we had a barbeque with another set of friends and they also had a blast together. (they both passed out in the car after playing and running all afternoon!)

Playing with Ben and Bento, sons of my great friends from vet school, Velloso and Carin (Bento, 14 months) and Gustavo and Adreza (Ben, 3 1/2 years)

When I see these friendships starting (they recognize each other and even ask about some friends at random moments) with the kids of some of my dear friends, it warms my heart to think that (hopefully) in several years from now they will still be friends. I am also so happy we are in Brazil for this period, as the kids get hugged, kissed and given attention much more then in any other country we have lived!

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