Friday, September 28, 2012

5 years!

This week Kaio turned 5 years! Where did my little boy go?! He is a big boy that is 110cm (he grew 3 cms in 3 months!), speaks two languages, dresses himself, is a very loving big brother to Josefine, knows how to write his name and make beautiful drawings, hugs me and says "I love you SOOO much" every day, recognizes all letters of the alphabet and started learning math. He is a sensible, loving, caring, smart, sweet and funny boy that just fills our lives with so much joy.

We had given him a couple of options of what to do for his birthday and our day was as following:
- Breakfast: skinny pancakes that mommy makes (they are like crepes that you can choose your own filling and roll them up to eat) with doce de leite and fruit
- Lunch: McDonalds. (he loves to get the toys)
- Party: at Boom Mania, a place you can hire that has all kind of toys and activities. They provide the food, drinks and entertainment. We invited his 17 classmates and they spend 3 hours having a blast (all kids were exhausted at the end!). Josefine, titia (Liesbet) and my mom also joined us. He really loved it!
- Dinner: leftover cake!

We spend the whole day with him and he kept saying he could decide everything because it was his birthday! Josefine was happy with it but asked when her birthday was going to be. Kaio got lots of presents and is still in the process of opening them all.
Jason and I finished the evening with a nice bottle of champagne celebrating the birth of our amazing son!
It was an awesome day!

 Kaio with his buddies
 Mommy and Kaio
 Picnic time
Even Oma and titia had a blast!
 Kaio and his friend
Getting ready for the "happy birthday"
 Blowing the candle with Josefine´s help!
 Happy Birthday my amazing son Kaio!

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