Monday, September 24, 2012

Kaio the gaucho!

Last week Rio Grande do Sul celebrated it´s independency. For the occasion, we dressed Kaio as a gaucho! The pants are baggy bombachas, with a nice shirt, a bandana around the neck, boots and a hat. Kaio loved being all typical and loved his boots! (he wore them the next day with jeans) We went to the acampamento Farroupilha to eat a good barbeque and see all the typical gauchos and prendas (the "gaucho woman)
Both kids loved seeing all of the tradition and animals!
Gauchos also have a typical dance, called Chula, where they dance around a stick. I showed Kaio some videos on youtube and then he went for it!
Just completely adorable. Focussed and dancing very nicely.

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