Friday, March 07, 2008

Family in town

Yesterday Grandma Anita and Aunt Carrie arrived. Kaio was all smiles when he saw them. We spent the afternoon showing off his new abilities (playing with toys, rolling over, making all kind of noises and eating solids) I gave him his first banana meal. He loved it!!! It was actually the first time he cried for more and I had to rush to the kitchen to make another plate of food... (which he also finished very promptly) Grandma and Carrie were very impressed!
Kaio is now sleeping very well for 5 days in a row (fingers crossed it is here to stay) He goes to bed at 8pm and only wakes up between 5 -6 am for a 10min feed and he then sleeps until 7:30 - 8am!!!! It's been so nice for us to sleep and he is also in such a great mood after a good night of sleep.
Introducing solids has been fun and exciting! (he is now on 2 meals a day) He has been accepting it really well and the food goes in really well (apart from the spinach and with a big preference for sweets) but it comes out (on the other end) quiet smelly and with a different consistency! All the joys of a growing little baby!!! (can't wait to get him potty trained!) I have also started giving him a prune 'tea' to avoid constipation. I have introduced it in a bottle that has a different top on it to help him with the transition to a cup. He loves to suck on it and holds it really well.

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