Saturday, June 28, 2008


We had a great holiday in the Mediterranean! Greece, Turkey and Cyprus are beautiful and we all enjoyed our 10-day vacation together.
It was the first time on a cruise for Kaio and I and it was great to see several places but still have a 'consistent' place for Kaio to sleep and feel comfortable. At the end of the day we would relax in our cabin, which Kaio seemed to really enjoy - having mommy and daddy on the big bed playing with him - he would crawl to me and hug and 'kiss' (which is more a open mouth bite at the moment) and then crawl and play with daddy. In the evening he was always so tired that he would go to bed without making a noise and sleep until the next morning.
It was very hot and we tried to keep Kaio comfortable, which included putting on as little cloths as possible, some pool time and ice cream! He absolutely LOVED this last one!
He got a lot of attention from the people on the cruise (staff and cruisers) as well as people at the different cities we went to. We were surprised to see several 'local' people come up to Kaio and talk to him, make funny faces or stroke his head. Kaio loved the attention and was all smiles to everyone!
He 'practiced' his crawling and was moving all over! Luckily not too fast (yet) but it allowed him to reach toys and 'things' he wanted to play with, without having to cry for us to give them to him.
It was great to spend so much time with Kaio but we (Jason and I) also had the opportunity to go and have nice meals, go for a drink and watch some shows while Kaio was sleeping in the cabin (they had a phone system which allowed us to check in on Kaio by dialing to our cabin)
Kaio is teething again, which resulted in a couple of cranky moments. But we could easily distract him and he would be smiley again! Because of the teething he also did not eat that well (besides the sweets, for which he always opens his mouth) He also does not seem to enjoy the baby food in jars, so I ended up improvising and mashing baked potatoes with veggies and cheese to taste more like the food I make at home.
Below are a couple of pictures:
1) Jason and Kaio in Ephesus, Turkey - a very hot day but absolutely amazing place!
2) Kaio and I in Kusadasi, Turkey - Kaio's first ice cream.
3) Kaio and I in Santorini, Greece - also a very hot day, we stopped to have a refreshment. Santorini is absolutely gorgeous!
4) Jason and Kaio in Mykonos, Greece
5) Kaio 'driving' his car on the cruise
6) Jason and Kaio in Limassol at Curium
7) Kaio and I in Limassol, Cyprus
8) Jason, Kaio and I in Rhodes - my birthday!
9) Jason and Kaio relaxing in the pool in Rhodes

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