Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaving :-(

Today we are leaving Brazil! We had a great vacation and we´ll miss everyone! Kaio has gotten so used to everyone spoiling him and I will miss having several pair of hands helping.
Kaio is eating at least one ´meal´ a day. He seems to prefer sweet things (just like his daddy, he has a sweet tooth!) and his favorite seems to be papaya. He also has gotten into a nice schedule/routine and I am hoping he will continue like that once we get home. Kaio loves the garden. Oma did the ´plant therapy´every morning, taking Kaio around the garden and letting him smell and touch different plants, herbs and flowers. We had several barbecues for different groups of friends for them to meet Kaio. He behaved really well and everyone loves him! (and from my own experience, it is not difficult to love this little guy!)
Kaio is playing so nicely. He grabs toys easily and is entertained by them for several minutes. Some toys, very rarely, he puts in his mouth, although he prefers the dummy and his fingers to suck on! He is a pro in turning over and he loves to sleep on his side. He also loves to 'grab' our faces and touch our nose, mouth, cheeks and eyes. Below are a couple of pictures:

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hilde said...

Amaai zeg, dat is al een ferm stevig baasje geworden!! Maar.. ergens mis ik opa op een foto?