Monday, October 08, 2007

2nd weekend at home!

We had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Kaio's colic from Saturday was all gone by the night and he was feeding and sleeping well again!
A couple of more firsts:
Day 8:
*First trip to the mall, including a stop at Starbucks - he behaved very well, and was only a bit fussy when his nappy was dirty. I changed him and he felt much better again! (and slept)
Day 10:
*First pee and poop in the bath (his second bath) - we waited until Jason was home to give him a second bath, while I was lowering him in the bath, he started peeing and right after that he pooped!!! Here is the video Jason made of it -
*First trip to the park with mommy, daddy and Vinny!
*More poop 'explosion' - first time to hit the wall! I was changing his nappy at 3am, after a feed, and while I placed the new nappy under his little behind, he needed some more relief and it projected all over his changing mat and on to the wall next to the changing table!! (I thought it was so cute and funny! He is the only one that can make me laugh like that at 3am!)
Day 11:
*First trip to lunch (in the 'big' world) with mommy, daddy, Oma and Vinny - he behaved very well and pretty much slept the whole time!
*He is starting to accept a pacifier and it helps him calm down. Some times he just needs something to 'help' him back to sleep, and the pacifier is working perfectly for that!
Day 12:
*Kaio stayed at home with Oma while mommy went to the dentist. It felt like decades being away from him, however I was only gone for 2 hrs! (he slept the whole time and was ready for a feed when I got home!)
*Kaio peed on mommy (and everything around) while changing - while I was changing his nappy, I thought how he had not done that yet, well he read my mind and 30sec later he began...

Kaio is becoming much more interactive and likes to observe toys. He now likes some play time! Unfortunately, last night he wanted to do that at 5am, and Oma was prompt to play with him until 6am, when he decided to take a nap again before his 7am feed!
he has been feeding and sleeping well. We have abandoned any book or real/set routine, however he is pretty regular in waking up 3 - 4 hrs after his last feed.

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