Monday, October 22, 2007


Since early on I have taken Kaio to several places. Which include:
- Kew Gardens (the Royal botanical gardens) to see an exhibition of Henri Moore (Oma's favorite artist)
- Tate Britain - another museum
- Tate Modern - yet another museum
- Shopping in Chelsea
- Several trips to the park
- Several trips to restaurants, pubs and cafes
- Mall
- Waterloo station to pick up Opa
- Several trips to the Dr. and hospital
- Several trips to the grocery store
Some of these trips have been more adventurous and challenging then others. But on saturday we have a good story! We all went to Chelsea to exchange some of Kaio's cloths (he is getting so big so fast) and we ended the day having a coffee at a department store. Kaio needed a nappy change and Jason offered to go and do it. It was the first time Jason changed his nappy in a 'public' bathroom. Luckily this dept. store had a 'nappy changing room' with all the necessary tools.... After 10 min. I got worried since they were still gone. Then Jason shows up with Kaio wearing new pants, and his old pj's still half on and in a bit of a panic. Kaio had had a 'poop explosion' while Jason was changing his nappy... and a real poop explosion (Jason claims it did not 'stop coming out'). So, as a result, Kaio and his pj's were all pooped. But Jason did a great job and soon everything was resolved. All the joy's of having children!

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