Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oma and Opa left!

Today was a sad day. My mom and dad went back home. We will miss her so much!!!Kaio was a fussy.... It mught be that Oma is gone... or the great carreteiro (a brazilian rice dish that Opa made a bit spice) that we had last night!!!
Oma was such a joy to have around and Kaio was already recognizing her voice and respondingso well to her! At moments like this I miss being close to my family even more. It would be so nice to be able to share all these changes Kaio is going through!
Tonight is the first night without Oma in his room! Oma had been waking up during the night if Kaio started crying, she would look if it was feeding time and if it was not, she would 'entertain' him a bit before feeding (so he get's used to longer time between feeds)! Tonight we will be doing that! I will probably be very sleepy tomorrow!
Here are some more pics of Oma's camera (she took so many nice pictures of him!):
1) Oma and Opa with Kaio at lunch (after we went to Madame Tussaud)
2) Oma, Kaio and I at Kew Gardens
3) Kaio and I at Kew gardens in front of a famous Henry Moore sculpture
4) Jason and Kaio at home

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