Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Kaio!!!!

Tomorrow Kaio will be 1 week!!! He is a strong and healthy little boy. Today we had a visit from the midwife to check on me and him. Besides the recommendation for me to eat more red meat (to improve my hemoglobin levels), everything is fine (blood pressure, sutures, etc). Kaio is also doing great. He looks less jaundice and is close to his birth weight (3.4kg). She said he looks great and is reacting great to the feeding. She took some blood to run some tests for several disease (sickle cell disorder, hyperthyroid, cystic fibrosis, etc).
Today his umbilical cord fell and tonight we will attempt his first bath.... I'll let you know how that goes (he sometimes loves being naked and sometimes he cries a lot when I am changing his nappy!)
Another couple of firsts:
Day 5:
*He smiled while awake today - Jason was holding and talking to him and then I got close and also talked to him and he smiled (like he was happy to have me and daddy close by!)
*He managed to eat, sleep and poop all at once!!!! (his farts/poops are loud and strong.... but I think it is absolutely adorable!)
Day 6:
*His umbilical cord fell off!
*He slept 5 hours straight. (during the night). He has been a bit difficult to put to sleep at night, but once he is asleep he is out for a while.

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