Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our own little routine!

We are starting to get into our own little family routine... since Oma left we have had to do everything by ourselves (cooking, taking care of Kaio, running errands, etc) I am lucky that Jason took this week off, he has been very helpful!!! Yesterday morning he surprised me with some great white chocolate pancakes for breakfast. He also has been doing several house chores and helping a lot with Kaio (both of them enjoy it and are getting to know each other much better...) It will be another interesting phase once Jason goes back to work on wednesday! For the first time since Kaio was born (he will be 5 weeks!), I will be totally on my own during the day.
Kaio has been doing great at night. Last night we struggled to wake him up at 10:30pm for his last feed of the day (he had gone to bed at 7:30pm and seemed to be ready to sleep much longer!). Jason still managed to bottle feed him 80ml (Kaio had his eyes shut the whole time). He than woke up at 4am!!! (that is 5 hrs of sleep!) At 4am I fed him and put him back in his crib, I feared he was ready to start his day.. but I was very surprised he fell asleep and only woke up at 7am!!! Kaio struggles a bit to fall asleep by himself during the day. We can see he is very tired, but when you lay him in his crib he cries... unfortunately we have been letting him cry himself to sleep (approx. 5 min) in the last couple of days! We want to avoid him getting used in being rocked to sleep!
Before Oma left, she gave Kaio a beautiful playpen. We had to rearrange the furniture in the living room, but now we have a little 'Kaio corner', with his playpen and toys. Since he loves to look outside the window, we put the playpen right by the front window! He seems to really enjoy it and looks around, "plays" with his toys (he looks at them, follows them with his eyes, touches them)and today took his first nap in it!

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liris said...

É muito legal te ver de mamãe....ahahaha...nesta foto nem acredito tu...irmãzona de vários momentos (bons e ruins) agora com um pimpolho para cuidar!!!!