Sunday, September 30, 2007

4th day!

Today is Kaio's 4th day!!!
He has been a joy! Speaking of joy: we looked up the meaning of Caio, which is the Brazilian version of his name, and it means joy, happy and content.
He is an alert little guy that does everything a normal baby does - sleep, eat, cry, fill nappy's and have some play time! He is very cute and makes all kind of faces while sleeping and crying.
He is absolutely beautiful (not that I am biased)! He has very dark hair and lots of it. He has very symmetric eyes (they currently are dark blue/greenish), cute little ears with a bit of baby hair on them and he has a beautiful little and perfect nose! He has strong little arms (he seems to have strong and puffy shoulders!) anyways, I could go on and on about this perfect little man!
The first two days of his life, he pretty much slept, ate and cried. On his third day, when we went home, he had a couple of other firsts:
- Day 3:
*First smile (while sleeping)
*First hick ups, followed by a "scruncthy" face which resulted in:
*First stinky poop (he had passed mecomium before this)
*Active alert time - he sat on our laps (with the support of our legs) and just looked around, listened to our voices and moved his arms and legs around!
*Terrible gas and strong loud farts!
- Day 4:
*First 1 hr alone with daddy, while mommy and oma went shopping
*First massage given by mommy - this relaxed him and made him stretch out his legs and arms and the tummy massage resulted in:
*First poop explosion (it leaked from his diaper into his cloths!)
The nights are still a work in progress! He has a irregular timing and seems to be sleeping more during the day (today we had to wake him after 3 hrs, and it was difficult to keep him awake) It seems that last night he had a lot of gas and it kept oma awake, but she took advantage of it and took him in bed with her and cuddled! (it's very tempting not to take him with you into bed every day!)
Jason has been holding him skin-to-skin after his morning feed. He puts Kaio, naked, on his chest (chest to tummy) and they have some baby-daddy time. Both seem to enjoy it!
Breastfeeding is going well. My milk 'came in' (after 2 - 3 days of colostrum) and it is definitely filling Kaio's needs.

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