Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, I am in pain! And no, nothing to do with my pregnancy... but my teeth! I went to the dentist on tuesday and he saw a cavity on one of my molars. He said that due to my 'condition' he could not do a certain filling, but he recommended to dig out the cavity and put in a mild filling. When I had the baby I needed to go back to put in a better filling or even a root canal! I agreed to it.. since the thought of having those nasty little 'cavity germs' digging away in my tooth for another couple of weeks just did not seem an option. So the dentist removed almost half of my tooth and put in a filling. It felt fine... until last night! I woke up several times during the night in severe pain! Throughout the day I had more pain and called the dentist back... well he is was not in today and tomorrow he could only see me at 11am, when I have a meeting with 'the board' of my company to present the 2008 brand plan (= very important, unmissable meeting!). As a result I may need to go to the emergency room tomorrow afternoon to get this sorted, since the last thing I need at 8 1/2 months is not being able to sleep due to tooth pain!

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Anonymous said...

hallo Anne... hopelijk is je tandpijn achter de rug en kun je weer volledig met de andere dingen in je leven bezig zijn!! Nog veel goede moed voor de laatste weekjes/daagjes.. en laat iets weten hé! Groetjes Hilde