Sunday, September 23, 2007

Start of labor?

On Saturday, September 22nd around 11pm I started feeling some painful cramps on my mid to lower left side, they were constant. I was able to fall asleep but was woken again around 2am with pain, this went on and off until 7am this morning (sleeping 2 -3 hrs, waking up with cramps). I also started having some contractions (which are not regular, so probably are the Braxton Hicks once) Throughout the day I have been feeling intense lower back pain and 'period like' cramps. We called the midwifes at 2:30am to give us advice and she said it was probably the start of labor, however it could still take several hours/days before the actual labor kicks in! We are excited (and tired) and it's a sign that our baby will soon be among us! I can't wait to post the announcement of our little boy/girl! (I just wish it would go a bit faster!)
My mom is arriving today at 7:30pm and I am looking forward to having her with me, specially if it will still take a couple of days and Jason is at work!

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