Sunday, September 23, 2007

Past due date!

Friday, September 21st came and went and nothing happened! (as I suspected!) I met up with Jason for lunch and had some spicy chicken wings (spicy food is supposed to 'help' start labor) and for dinner I made some spicy curry (and had some wine)... well, it did not start labor but it sure did clear our sinuses!
When we started decorating the nursery, I have been willing to paint or make something that would remind me of this special moment... well, I got inspired by one of the girls of the antenatal classes and decided to buy some acrylic paint, brushes and canvasses. I picked some 'cartoon' looking frogs and made two paintings and a third canvas will have our baby's name and his/her foot and hand prints. It has been very relaxing and fun doing them. I am not a very artistic person, but they look cute!

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