Monday, September 03, 2007

Counting the days...

18 more days... until my due date.. however, not sure I have a slight feeling the baby will be like his/her daddy regarding punctuality.. and be late! My belly looks a bit lower then before, but I still sigh a lot (lack of pulmonary space) and the nesting instinct has not kicked in yet!
Well, I know that all the 'tools' to help me start labor have been 'used'. Not that I have done that intentionally... but yesterday, when we were at the Singapore street festival (we decided to enjoy one of our last weekends pre-baby), a lady that was selling juices said I should not have the watermelon one, since that may trigger labor! Well, the two fruits that supposedly can help start labor are the once I have been craving.... pineapple and watermelon! Now, I have not heard anything about Peanut M&M's.... but you never know.
Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment and hopefully she can tell me more... Tomorrow I am also going to take advantage of another benefit of being pregnant in the UK - Free dental service! Yes, dental health and medications are free for all pregnant women and 1 year after birth (not that we will have much time for it!)! Of course, there are limitations of the treatments I can receive, but at least I can get a check up and do some cleaning!

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