Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last midwife appointment?

Yesterday I had another midwife appointment. It may be the last one. (fingers crossed) In two weeks I need to go to the GP (week 40) and the week after.. if the baby hasn't decided to enjoy us for the lovely summer here in England, I have an appointment with the midwife on the 1st of October to discuss an 'induction' plan. They only induce you if you're 2 weeks late. In my case that would be the 4th of October. I am really hoping that we don't need to go down that route (once induced, I have read that the chance of 'interventions' such as emergency c-section, forceps, etc is much higher). In a week I'll start eating spicy curry's (the latest on - "how to induce labor!!!" Unfortunately - peanut's M&M's and ice cream won't do it!)
The midwife said that everything was fine. He/she is still head down, my blood and urine levels and my blood pressure are all within the norms. My belly has grown 4cm! (still a bit small, but now that they have checked with the ultrasound that the baby is of good size, I am just one of those people with the my organs all in my chest - the baby is of good size, but my belly is smaller then average!)
Yesterday I had my leaving dinner with my team at work. They had decorated our table with blue and pink balloons... it was really cute! It was nice that Jason finally got to meet several of my coworkers! Besides my boss, who is in her 40's, nobody has children, so it was interesting to see their faces when I was telling them some stories about my pregnancy, labor and first weeks of care of the baby... I don't think anyone will be having children soon after last night!!!!

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