Saturday, July 21, 2007

A bit shocked

It has been raining heavily here in London for the past two days, so I am just sitting at home (saturday) waiting for it to ease and take Vinny outside. Well I started watching some videos on And one thing led to another.... I started watching cute videos of new born babies which progressed to watching a couple of videos of the actual birth! Well, I knew it was not a pretty sight.. but seriously.. can I do this? I guess it is a little late to ask myself that question, but seeing actual birth and the pain some of these woman go through.... I have to say it made me emotional and it is amazing to see the baby, mother and father afterwards (yes, I almost cried).
I am not sure if I should 'prepare' Jason and suggest he watches the videos too?!

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Lies said...

Bobinha..tu é uma mulher incrível, fabulosa, linda e super inteligente! Tu nem vai notar esses minutinhos de dor, quando tu se der conta, vai estar segurando um pacotinho bem pequenininho chorando e todo avermelhadinho no teu colo! Linda, vai dar tudo certo! E não precisa ficar olhando esses filminhos, dar a luz é o natural de uma mãe e um pai! Vai dar tudo certo! E como mamãe disse, cada caso é um caso. Ok?

Amamos vocês!