Friday, November 23, 2007

8 weeks already!?!

Kaio completed 8 weeks yesterday. I can't belief 2 months have gone by since he was born!
We have settled into a nice routine throughout the day and night.
Even being super busy at work, Jason has been of immense help. In the morning, if Kaio wakes up before 7, Jason grabs him, changes him and takes him downstairs to play. This allows me to sleep in a bit. Jason loves it since Kaio is always in a great mood in the morning. I then take a shower, get my breakfast ready and take Kaio from Jason so he can get ready for work. Unfortunately, most nights, Kaio is already in bed when Jason gets home, however Jason is still giving the 10:30pm bottle and has some time to interact with his son (although Kaio just opens his mouth and downs his bottle without opening his eyes!)
Some interesting 'things' I have learned about Mr. Kaio these last couple of weeks:
- When he cries, instead of talking to him in a crying voice, I started smiling and talking happily to him, this made him stop crying instantly and start smiling (unfortunately it doesn't always work)
- He LOVES his evening routine. Sometimes he is tired and is crying around 6:15, but when I lay him down on his changing mat and put on the massage music, he stops instantly! He hates coming out of his bath and washing his hair.
- He still is eating very fast. (10 - 15min) if I try to 'force' more (by putting him more on the breast), he cries and does not latch on. When he does latch on more then he wanted, he tends to throw uo some milk.
- He is not a good burper. We try to burp him after every feed, sometimes you get him to burp but most of the times he just stares at the wall (when you put him on your shoulder to burp)
- He needs a 2 hr nap around noon, otherwise he gets very cranky and will not sleep the entire afternoon. He will cry until I swaddle him and put him in his bed for the night. (at 6:30pm)
- He hate putting on his coat. No matter how I try it (sitting on my lap, on the changing table, him sleeping, etc) he always gets upset. However, once we put our feet outside the door he stops and loves being outside. He also does not like his hat!
- Vinny has picked up on this and every time I pick up Kaio's jacket and he starts crying, Vinny knows that 50% of the time he is coming along and gets super excited!
- He now can stay in his playpen or vibrating chair for 30 mins... just 'playing' and staring around. (4 weeks ago he would only last 5 min in there)
- He started smiling at strangers (little social bee!). This of course makes anyone's day!
- At 5pm he will nap easily if I put him in his Baby bjorn and do my normal house activities (like making dinner, getting the house a bit organized and cleaned)
- He does not like to have a wet nappy. (however when he poops he seems to be okay in staying a couple of minutes in his dirty nappy!)
- He has several types of cries, there is one cry that just means he is tired and he'll be asleep in a couple of seconds. (I can let him 'cry himself to sleep with this one) Another cry means he is very tired, but he will not cry himself asleep. I will need to bounce his chair or rock him otherwise he will not stop crying. And the other day I heard his 'I am in pain' cry. It was heart breaking. He was laying with his belly on my chest with his head up (this is a new tummy time I have been doing to help him strengthen his neck muscles) suddenly he dropped his head right on my collar bone...
It is so interesting to get to know him better every day! He makes me smile and fills my day with joy!

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