Monday, November 26, 2007

Pub life

This Sunday we went to a typical English pub for a typical Sunday roast! There was a soccer (or as they say here - football) game on TV. Kaio behaved very well and attracted some drunk guys that thought he was cute (waw, thanks!). He was just perfect until the entire pub got super excited about a goal their team had made. Kaio was breastfeeding and started crying because of the loud and sudden noise! I guess with time he will have to get used to that.
We had a very nice weekend and it's great to see how much Jason loves to spend time with Kaio during the weekend (even when he is fussy and crying). Kaio has become much more attentive and can follow objects and people easily. He stares at all kind of shaped and colored objects. He smiles all the time and recognizes our voices. However, he also smiles and does not seem to mind strangers!

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