Thursday, November 01, 2007

We made it!

Today is our second day together, by ourselves! We had fun yesterday and Kaio was a darling!!! We met up with some friends with babies that are around the same age of Kaio. He was the only one that was awake during the entire lunch... and quiet, just looking around! We also went to the grocery store to pick up things for dinner and a nice chocolate cake for daddy, since he has been so helpful and we miss him already!
Kaio is sleeping well during the night, but not so well during the day (he needs to sleep more!). I noticed that he easily falls asleep in my arms (specially after feeding), but the moment I put him down he starts crying. So, today, I am going to let him cry it out in his room. I just tried it for the first time (it's 11am) and he was asleep in 5 min! Overall, I have been trying to put him in his crib when he is drowsy so he can then fall asleep by himself. Which works perfectly after 7pm, but not during the day. I am loving to get to know this little guy better.. he just amazes me every day!!!!
Jason is now feeding Kaio at his 10pm feed and it allows me to go to bed at 8:30 - 9pm (if I didn't get a chance to take a nap during the day!). Our little routine has been working perfectly:
- Kaio feeds, baths and goes to bed before 7pm (Jason gets home around that time) - this happens fairly easily most of the days, since he is so tired by 7pm
- Jason and I have dinner and hang out a bit
- I get ready for bed at around 8:30
- Jason feeds him at 10pm (he does it so silently that I don't even wake up!) - we have a chair in Kaio's room so he does not have to come in our room to feed him and Kaio goes straight into his crib afterwards. We also use dim lights so he does not get fully awake!
- I wake up during the night (mostly at 2 and 5 am) to feed him (also in Kaio's room, so Jason does not wake up)
- Kaio wakes us up to start his day at 6:30 - 7am
- Jason entertains him so I can take a shower, start laundry, take Vinny out and have breakfast (all in 15min!)
- We start our day of fun together... which is somewhat unpredictable, but Kaio feeds every 3 - 4 hrs and in between he either:
- 'plays' in his playpen
- sits in his vibrating chair
- 'plays' with me
- we go for a walk (in the pram or Babybjorn)
- sleeps
- cries
- has his nappy changed
- sucks on his dummy
But whatever it is he does... he is CUTE!!! (he is also cute sleeping...)

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