Monday, November 12, 2007

working on our sleep time 'routine'

Kaio has been a fairly easy during the night. (Mainly thanks to the help of my mom in the early days.) Currently, on a normal day (5 - 6 days a week) we have the following 'routine' (give or take 15min):
- 6pm: I start preparing everything for his bath on the living room dining table while he plays in his playpen
- 6:15pm: I start his massage, with special 'baby massage' music - The duration of the massage depends on Kaio's mood, but recently he has been enjoying his massage a lot and I do it for 15 min to avoid him getting too cold
- 6:30pm: we start his bath. He loves his baths! (just doesn't like his hair being washed) He had gotten into the habit of peeing right as we lowered him in the bath, which made me have to change the water. However, Jason had the brilliant idea of lowering his feet in the water with his diaper on. After 30sec we remove the diaper.. and sure enough, we have a full diaper!
- 6:45finish his bath - - Dress him (he does not like to be taken out of his bath)
- 7pm: Take him to his room and feed him.
- 7:15pm: he goes asleep without fussing and is vast asleep until we wake him at 10pm for his bottle.
During the day he takes several naps, however at around 4pm he becomes fussy (they call it the witch hour, which varies for each baby!). Kaio gets really tired but does not want to sleep. The last couple of days we have either let him fall asleep on us, or have taken him outside (he easily falls asleep in his pram).
This routine has allowed me and Jason to catch up, have dinner and spend some time together.
The only problem with this routine is that he wakes up between 6 and 7 in the morning to start his day. (which on weekends is a bit hard!) My plan this week is to get him to go to bed a bit later so he sleeps longer in the morning and it will allow Jason to see him when he gets home from work (Jason get's home at 7ish, when Kaio is in bed already). We'll see how it goes!

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