Monday, November 05, 2007

Nice weekend!

This past year, the summer in the UK was terrible. Lot's of rain, cold and very little sun! (which was great since I was pregnant!) However, the fall has been great. Lot's of sun and gorgeous weather! It has been great for me to take Kaio outside and enjoy the beautiful London parks (the colors of autumn are just amazing!)
This weekend it was so nice outside, that we went to explore some parks both days. On saturday we had a nice picnic in Clapham Common and sunday we went hiking in Wimbledon Common and shopping in the village!Kaio likes to go outside. In the morning he loves to com along with me when I let Vinny out. He looks around and seems to enjoy the fresh air! Sometimes he gets really tired but fights to go to bed, so when I take him outside, he falls asleep instantly and wakes up when we come back home!
He is smiling more every day and seems to find his fingers more often to sooth himself! (he still loves the pacifier though!)

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