Thursday, November 15, 2007

Citizen of the world!

Last week we obtained the brazilian birth certificate and applied for his passport.
Yesterday we went to the US embassy and he became an American citizen. We also applied for his passport and social security. (this was sooo easy compared to all the 'pain' I have gone through to get my greencard and will go through to get my citizenship!)
Next week I will be going to the Belgium embassy to get his Belgian nationality.
Kaio will have more nationalities than anyone in our families!!! All these passports are necessary to travel and live in the several countries we want to go to. For example, for him to live in the UK with us, he either gets his Belgium nationality or we would have to apply for a visa (which costs around US$800!). To go to Brazil, it's much easier to have a Brazilian passport. Also, for him to become a Belgian I had to get a letter from the Brazilian embassy to say if he was or not a Brazilian. (it's a long story, but Belgium has not made it easy for him to obtain that nationality!) That letter alone would cost the same amount as getting a passport.... so... we got the passport!
Well, later on he can decide if he wants to renew and continue with all these nationalities....
Kaio is now 7 weeks. He is such a adorable baby. The other day he was feeding and staring at me, I smiled and talked to him and he opened a big smile back at me... with his mouth full of milk.. it went all over our cloths!!! He is getting so big and has the biggest cheeks!!! His eyes are starting to be a bit more greener.

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