Friday, November 30, 2007

First set of shots!

On Tuesday Kaio had his first shots (or as they call it here - immunizations).
First they did a full check on him. Everything is great. He is right on target with his weight - 5.4kg (=11.9lbs) and has not grown since 2 weeks ago (which makes him now right on the average height for his age, since previously he was bigger). The shots - I have given injections to many animals and some react more then others. Not even with the cutest little puppy did I struggle (with the exception of some 'wild' horses) I can honestly say that seeing that big needle go into Kaio's little cute baby legs (twice!!!) made me tremble and almost made me cry. He cried hard and it was a painful cry. I was able to sooth him by holding him tight against me and he fell asleep in 3 min! He slept all afternoon! When I was feeding him at 6pm he bursted into a painful cry when he was kicking his legs (he does this to help gas exit the 'other end' while he fills his tummy!) and, again, the only way to sooth him was holding him tight against me.
But the next day he was back to his normal self!
Kaio has been doing great. He is 'talking', smiling, following objects, touching and holding things, etc, more and more. He is very alert and it seems harder to get him to take a nap during the day. (it's like he does not want to miss out on anything!) - below is a pic of one of his favorite spots to take a nap - in his bouncy chair looking at his panda and frog before he snoozes off!)
Kaio has discovered his hand/fist. He puts it in his mouth at least a couple of times a day! Today he even spit out his dummy and put his fist in his mouth to sooth himself!

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