Wednesday, August 22, 2007

36 wk midwife appointment

Today we went to see the midwife to discuss our birth plan and have a general check up. I was very happy that we got a great midwife and she was very informative and really helpful. We (me and Jason) now need to sit down and write our birth plan.
After that she measured my belly and listened to the baby's heart beat. The good news was that the heart beat was great and the baby even kicked around while she was trying to listen to it (it was very visible with the naked eye all the kicks and punched he/she was doing) the bad news is that my belly measured 4 cm under the 'normal' size belly for 36 weeks. The midwife said it is fairly common with more petite woman but just to make sure we are going to have an ultrasound tomorrow. I would have been panicking by now, but, luckily one of the girls from my antenatal classes had the same happen to her and it is pretty common that they send you to get a u/s just to ensure everything is okay! And, at the end of the day, Jason and I are average size people and will produce average size babies (and probably even on the smaller size, since I am short, BUT, FYI I am still considered average for UK and US measurements with my glorious 5' 4'' = 1.65cm. Jason is also considered average with his 5' 10'' = 1.78cm)

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