Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great babymoon!

We had a fantastic time at the Lake District in northern England. I confess I was a bit worried that our little one would decide to 'show up' in the middle of nowhere (some of the towns we were at are pretty secluded...) but he/she decided to stay put and enjoy the scenery from my belly! We went hiking (much less then normally, but we were able to see some nice forests, waterfalls and picturesque villages), we enjoyed some good food and celebrated Jason's 30th birthday.
For Jason birthday I made reservations at a very nice restaurant (they received several culinary awards including a Michelin star) and had a 6 course meal! Delicious! Afterwards we had a bottle of champagne (which we had gotten in Champagne, France a year ago -we bought several good bottle of champagne and some strawberries right on a lake with full moon and a very clear sky!(the champagne we got last year in France - in the Champagne area. We bought a couple of good bottles which we have been saving for special occasions - we opened one last year on my 30th birthday, one for Jason's 30th and another one when our little one is born!)
We had a little 'accident' while there: we were going over a mountain pass, which was very narrow and while passing another car we bumped into some rocks which resulted in a flat tire. Well, Jason did great and changed the tire in no time and no further help from anyone (he didn't even have to read the instructions!) When I told my mom this story (her being the eternal positive thinker and Jason's fan) said - "See how Jason will know how to take good care of you and the baby... when something goes wrong, he solves it without major issues...." I couldn't agree more!!!!!
Below are some pictures:
1) Before we went to our nice 6-course Michelin star dinner
2) This is outside our room, we had a nice view from the lake Windermere
3) After Jason's B-day dinner we had a nice bottle of champagne and strwaberries by the river (I only had one & 1/2 glass)

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