Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Labour ward tour

Today I went to get my second 'vaccine' of Anti-D (this is because I have a negative blood group and Jason is positive) after that we went to do the Chelsea and Westminster hospital labour ward tour! There were around 15 couples. It is very interesting and, even though it has great facilities, it still made me think of a huge baby factory (if labour goes normally, you can leave in 6 hrs if you want!) Next week wedensday we will be discussing out birth plan with the midwife. So, we'll make decisions such as:
- who we want in the room (it will probably be Jason and my mom),
- what kind of pain killer I want (EPIDURAL, actually, while touring the ward, a mother with a newly born baby passed us and said - get and epidural.. get an epidural.... well, I did not have any doubt in my mind!)
- what kind of room we want - there are several options, but once you choose and epidural I belive there is only one room you will get
- etc etc
At the end of our tour we sat down for any further questions. Jason had one - "what do you do with the placenta?" (He read in a book that in some hospitals it's sold to companies to produce facial creams and that some people take it home and bury it in the garden and plant a tree, etc...) The answer given - "you can do whatever you want with it.. take it home, make pate, bury it...or we can just dispose of it for you!" everyone had a laugh! (maybe Jason is thinking of making some $$ and sell it!)
Picture of my belly at 35weeks and the sofa/bed where the grandma's can stay:

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