Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bloody nose.. again!

This Tuesday, the second day of my hand-over to my replacement, I suddenly had a gush of blood come out my nose while talking to her. I had blood all over my (white) shirt and work desk.... I ran to the bathroom and it took 10 minutes for it to stop bleeding! Luckily the skirt I was wearing was actually a dress, so I was able to cover up the part on my top that was bloody! It scared the heck out of my replacement and she started sitting a couple of inches away from me while I am talking to her! I don't blame her! As my GP and midwife said, it is pretty normal and I should just take it easier when it happens! Which I did for the rest of the week, however on Friday I went swimming and when I got home I was very tired (it has been much warmer then usual also). So Jason came home with dinner and some movies and we took it easy! I felt much better on Saturday!

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